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Default Re: Starting to get mad what to do

I have paid for them to get the domain name. Do you think If I go ahead and buy it they will refund that fee. It wouldn't be so bad if they would just answer my messages. I am thinking about just walking away becuase I don't really know what I am doing and I need to be able to get help if I need it....ahhhhhhhh. I saw the post about shoppepro after I signed up.
Originally Posted by Miranda View Post
You know what I am going to say .....

When I had WAHMshoppes I do remember it taking awhile to get set up (maybe 3-4 days?). I remember once on the forum someone signed up and after a few days (almost a week i think) the domain name they wanted was already bought by someone else before wahmshoppes even had them set up.
I know it's probable to late at this time because it sounds like you already paid for them to buy the domain name but you can purchace from other places (godaddy for example) and it's very easy to point it to the host server once you are set up.
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