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Default Re: How do you make the woven flip flops?

Originally Posted by ronda View Post
I make them & all I can really tell you is that I weave on the straps pretty much just like I weave on a headband. I do two separate parts - start at where the strap attaches on the side and go to the middle. Then start on the other side and go to the middle. Secure them in the middle and then put your bow or whatever on top. That's all I'm willing to share b/c I messed around and developed my own little secret for doing them. I used Lorraine's (littlecansofbeans) instructions to learn the headband weave & they are awesome.

Those are really cute...I have tried weaving them with the woven headbands instructions as I think I can now make the headbands in my sleep....I still have a really hard time getting the ribbon to "lay" right if that makes any sense at all...I have a pair of "junk" flops that I practice everything on..
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