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Default GATOR BITE from LAMB's

Ok--takin a chance here with some advice I found...Tried...Liked. I was totally going to buy LAMB's Gator Bite...but the $30 price tag was intimidating to me because...what if I didn't like it. I can't remember if it was on this forum or I came across it on the internet, but found someone saying, "Why pay $30 for a bow making gadget when you can use something that costs pennies and it performs the same task?"
I went to Sally's and bought JUMBO SALON CLIPS for $2.39 for 4 clips. You use them the same way that the GATOR CLIP works...fold your bow, clip the center, put your tying thread through the center of the salon clip, tie a knot, and it REALLY works!!! I was skeptical, and bought the smaller/shorter clips from Sally's too...but the Jumbo size works best as it doesn't hold the ribbon so tightly, so when you pull the thread the bow creases nicely...thought I would share a I have learned so much from you wonderful ladies!
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