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Thumbs up Thank You Michelle

This is the product review section of the forum so I thought this would be the best place to put this since it is a review of sorts.

I wanted to give Michelle a big Thank You for having this forum. I got into hair bow making about two months ago on a whim and dove in head first. I have been all over the net searching for instructions, where to buy ribbon cheap, photo editing information, tips on ebay and of course what is popular; this is the site I have spent the most time on. It has everything. I live way out in the sticks and only have the option of having a dial-up connection so researching on line can take forever for me. This site has been my saving grace.

I have yet to buy any instructions because I have been able to learn everything from this site, a huge money saver for me!!! I do understand why people sale them and I will more than likely end up with the TOTTS instructions at some point but not yet. I also have learned that on ebay that your pictures are everything, and this is the site I learned the most from.

The members I have talked with and have received posts from have been super nice. I have asked for assistance on several different threads about picture and bow quality or how to do or word something and many have come to my aide. The members of this site are genuine and extremely nice.

Thank you to all and especially Michelle for having this site for all of us. I know you have to be incredibly busy with it, I see your posts all over it. I know I am not the only one that is greatful to have come across such a great site.

Thanks Again!
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