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Default Re: Advice on selling wholesale or to business's

I don't think I would ever just give my stuff for someone to sell without them buying them. I do have my bows up at a hair salon in my home town, but I know that girl so every so often she'll send me the check and we do it that way-but only because I know her...but I would make someone buy them from me if I didn't know them.

I think it's hard to do bows wholesale. Yeah, they could cost next to nothing to make, but it's the time that it takes to make them that is hard for me to think that if I sold someone a bow for $2.00 and they sell it for $5.00, they are making more money off it than I did and I'm the one that did all of the work. If you did wholesale, I would put a minimum order on it just so it seems more worthwhile to you.
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