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Default Re: Need to figure out how to make this cheer bow

Originally Posted by alidetrick View Post
I finally did it. I made the bow and really did appreciate everyone's suggestions. I have had it done for a little while but it recently got approval with the coach. She just had a few suggestions that I do agree with. I heard she is super picky so thankfully she approves. I guess cheer coaches can be picky though.


I cut the ribbon 30 inches long and then before assembling the bows I cut the v-notches on all of them and then used fray check. I was worried it would discolor the ribbon, it didn't but I would test it first.

Then I glued the ribbons together at the center point with the widest on the botton and smallest on top. Just a small strip.

I used a cardboard template that was 8 inches wide. The coach wanted a wide bow. I put more glue on the back side of the bow between the layers so they wouldn't overlap on the edges and I did it in the back so it would be less noticeable.

Cinched the middle with a zip tie and did some adjustments and then attached the pony.

The knot gave me troubles because I didn't have anything smaller than 1.5" ribbon. I kind of folded it in half and then knotted it.

Then some stiffy and it was done.
Nice job. It's pretty!!!
And thank you sooo much for your sharing. I can learn a lot from it.

And really happy for you. Although the couch was picky, you got her nicely. Really a good job. Yayyyyy!
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