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Default Re: Need to figure out how to make this cheer bow

It is not much different than any other cheer bow....get your three ribbon sizes: looks like 3" black, 2.5 white and 1 1.2 gold. Cut them all the same length stack them on top on each other then fold in half to get your center. I would use a spot of hot glue to glue them together at the center.....then just bow like you would any other cheer bow. For the center, cut it about 1" longer than you normally would, knot it in the center....make sure that the ribbon does not twist and you do not need to pull it hard, just enough to get a nice looking knot. From the picture, it looks like the maker used the same gold ribbon that is on the top of the bow, folded it to make it narrower then made the knot....
I hope this information is helpful.....Good Luck!
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