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Default Re: how to line, a crochet tutu top? or other ideas?

New and have been searching all over the internet for this..Thanks!

Originally Posted by Skeii&Ronan View Post
Hi. I realize this post is pretty old but I didn't notice where anyone actually answered the question so I want to help. I actually found this question while searching for the answer. Since I was never able to find the answer, but finally figured it out on my own I thought I'd share...

To line a crochet top/headband for use with tutus:

1) It is best to use a stretch knit or spandex material to give it as much stretch as possible as the lining is going to make the top less stretchy than it started.

2) Cut the pre-sewn top at the seam so it lays flat. Lay the crochet panel on top of the lining fabric making sure the direction with the most stretch is parallel to the stretch of the crochet panel (side to side).

3) Cut the width (top to bottom) of the fabric 1/4" shorter than the width of the crochet panel. These will bring the seams inside the top once it is finished leaving a cleaner look on the outside.

4) Determine the stretchiness of the fabric in comparison to the crochet panel by stretching both to the max. if the fabric is less stretchy than the crochet you will need to cut it a few inches longer than the crochet panel. It might work best to measure how far the crochet stretches on a yard stick or measuring tape then stretch the fabric to that measurement and cut about 1" more.

5) Lay both pieces of fabric together right sides touching. Set your sewing machine to a straight or zigzag stitch on the longest setting. Sew the fabrics together down the longest sides stretching both fabrics as much as possible as you sew. I used elastic thread in the bobbin just to assure the stretch but regular thread should work fine.

6) Once the fabrics are sewn together turn the tube inside out so the seams are hidden. Bring the open edges together where the crochet is on top and the lining is on bottom. You will now proceed to sew the tube edges together beginning with the lining fabric leaving about a 3" opening. NOTE* Do Not sew straight down the edges. The purpose of this is to have a clean lining with no seams. You will be sewing in a circle with only 2 pieces of fabric together at a time.

7) Once you have completed the loop (be sure to back stitch at the beginning and end so the seam does not come loose while applying pressure) pull the fabric through the hole. You should now have a lined top with no visible seams. Close the hole in the lining by folding the edges down to the inside and bringing the fabric together. Straight stitch the hole closed as close to the edge as possible with 1/4" on each side of the hole (don't forget to back stitch).

Congratulations! You're top is now complete.
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