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Default Re: Wholesale pricing

Thanks for all of your input! I take a lot of time hand tying each bow and fluffing the loops etc. I heat seal my center ribbon and fold the top piece over for a nice clean look. I also use higher quality hair ties to help prevent breakage. If I buy my ribbon in 100 yd spools, which I do for basic school colors, my cost for materials only is about 75 per bow. However I do think my time is worth something and I do want to make a profit. That's why I figured my wholesale cost at $4. I sell plain ones to schools for $6 as a rule and only charge $8 each for vinyl embellished ones if they order more than 12. Now of course when I vendor at competitions I sell them for $10-15 each for embellished and do on the spot customization which I charge extra for. I guess if I wasn't charging for my time $2.75 would sound pretty good, but I do think my time and efforts are worth something.
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