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Default Re: Wholesale pricing

Originally Posted by Thecheerblingbowtique View Post
Hey all! I'm new here but have been making bows for years. I've recently branched out from strictly hobby to a small business. I've done quite a few team orders locally and was approached by a local business owner who does cheer uniforms and camp wear. She loved my bows and wanted to use me as a vendor. So. When we got down to numbers she told me that her "other bow ladies" only charge about $2.75 per 3" grosgrain bow for "wholesale". I normally charge $5-7 per bow depending on how big the order is when I make them for teams. And I've never personally paid less than $10 for a plain bow when I've had to buy them for my daughter, so I know she's not selling these for $5 each. The stuff she normally sells looks cheap and unfinished and all my bows are identically tied, even ends, v cut and heat sealed. No glue showing etc. iIs it worth my time to make bows for so cheap? Granted I can make about 20 plain bows an hour but it seems like a lot of work for so little return. Any and all info you'd like to share is much appreciated!
Tia, I agree with you completely. I am glad to hear that your bows are made well and the right way. It does take more time to produce a "well made bow". I take pride in my work and take my time to make sure it is perfect! like you with no glue showing, sealed edge, even ends, etc. I have seen way too many bow sellers producing ugly unprofessional bows where they charge below what I estimate as market value! So, let them be. I have been with my rec/MS/HS program for over 15 years and just in the last 4 I have been making their bows....and it was worth the wait. Because the always went from one vendor to the next and were never really satisfied, but their cost was cheaper than mine. Now I am their only bow, t-shirt, practice outfits vendor. It did take some time, but the realization was there that the start out with the cheaper stuff and can never make it out the season without having to order additional items because things start falling apart and many times they are not able to get the same thing (sales items with always bite you in the butt).
All this to say, stick to your professional product and you price, in time individuals with notice the difference, then you'll have dedicated repeat customers. Good Luck
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