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Default Re: Wholesale pricing

The cheapest I sell any bow for is $5.00 and that is for a basic 3" ribbon bow. My calculated cost per bow is simple.....1st I give myself $25/hr. From beginning to end I can do 20 bows/hr. So that's $2.00 + $1.50 for other materials (ribbon $.85 and $.65 for scrunchie, zip tie, center wrap, glue) so my total cost is $3.50. Retail is $7.00 and wholesale/team orders 24 or less = $6.00, 25 + $5.00.

Sometimes I do and can get items on sale which will reduce my cost, however it usually takes more time and driving (more time) to get to the place with the sale, so I do take that into consideration. Also a rule of thumb is I give my lowest regular cost especially for repeat customers; I do not want to sell something for $3.00 because it was on sale and when they re-order, I can't get the same item(s) on sale so now I have to charge you $5.00. This does not look good and you take the chance of loosing a repeat customer because you price fluctuates.
There are many individuals in the bow business (and other home based business) that do not pay themselves for their time and other overhead such as electricity and space. This is a bad business model, as you will never be able to grow your business to make it selfsustaining.....JMO and Good luck to all.
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