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Default Re: Wholesale pricing

I have been in the same boat in the past. Something that I have done is individually calculate the cost of materials. For me, a 3" grosgrain bow costs $0.82 to make. I valued my time at 25% of the cost, leaving me at a total of $1.025. This is the hands down cost that it takes me to make a bow.
For wholesale pricing, I take the cost times 2. This leaves me at $2.05.
For Distribution/Team Pricing (25% off retail), I am at $3.08.
For retail (wholesale x 2), I am at $4.10.

So the uniform lady isn't out of line to ask for the $2.50-$3 price range. It just depends on how much you spend on materials. Personally, I will search for weeks just to find the lowest priced and highest quality product. I would calculate the cost it takes to make you one bow (hairtie, grosgrain, center tie, etc) and go from there.
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