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Default Wholesale pricing

Hey all! I'm new here but have been making bows for years. I've recently branched out from strictly hobby to a small business. I've done quite a few team orders locally and was approached by a local business owner who does cheer uniforms and camp wear. She loved my bows and wanted to use me as a vendor. So. When we got down to numbers she told me that her "other bow ladies" only charge about $2.75 per 3" grosgrain bow for "wholesale". I normally charge $5-7 per bow depending on how big the order is when I make them for teams. And I've never personally paid less than $10 for a plain bow when I've had to buy them for my daughter, so I know she's not selling these for $5 each. The stuff she normally sells looks cheap and unfinished and all my bows are identically tied, even ends, v cut and heat sealed. No glue showing etc. iIs it worth my time to make bows for so cheap? Granted I can make about 20 plain bows an hour but it seems like a lot of work for so little return. Any and all info you'd like to share is much appreciated!
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