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Unhappy Tutu Makers... HELP!!!

I have never this much of a problem making a tutu dress in my life.!!

I have a customer who has order a dress with the crochet top for her GD. Her GD is 2, so not a big deal, but I ran out of the color that I needed for the top and my usual suppliers sight is down. So I ordered from The Hairbow Company the large crochet top, which according to them is 8 x 6.5. I figured not to much of a difference( mine are 8 x 7). I got them yesterday and they are only 8 x 5.5. I get the tops bigger because I am not a big fan of all the holes, I am not sure if I am the only one that feels this way or not.

My question is, will this work, or is it going to be too revealing? Is there a way I can attach two of them together to make it wider, if so how. Im in a bind and Im not sure how to get out. That inch really makes a big difference. Im so upset!... Please... Pleasee....Pleaaase help me!!!

PS: if you want to see the size difference , just let me know!
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