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Default Re: Tutu dresses--i still need help! :-(

Originally Posted by girlybaby View Post
no no -not one on top of each other -side by side take a 6" crochet band -cut in down the middle-- take the 2nd one and do the same --now stitch it together to make it super long --then stitch the 2 ends so you have a very WIDE band -not high--I would send you pics if thats easier? --once you sew them all extra thread your ready to tie the tulle on -keep layering thru the wholes until its as fluffy as you like -HOpe that helps

ok i need to do this with 2 x 12" tops to make a bigger top for a flower girl dress for a 10yr old. when stitching the ends together do i just use the normal sewing machine? or do i need to use my overlocker? i havent used my overlocker in a few months as it was playing up and wouldnt stay threaded. if i just need to use the normal sewing machine is their a special stitch i should use to sew the ends together?
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