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Red face Re: New to cheer bows; Recommendations needed please!!!

Originally Posted by jessicanh View Post
I just spent an hour typeing a very detailed answer to ur question but I guess the site timed me out and all of what I typed up disappeared!? I cannot retype all of that but would love to help u. I wish I had the help when I started but this site is gonna be ur best resource. Message me and ill get ya all the info u needed. I'm sure some people might have been upset if I let the secrets out of the bag cuz theirs some info u won't find any good instructions on.
Which led me to conclude it mustve been a secret.
Ttyl n good luck with ur bows!
Hello, I just read your reply to a young lady that was in the same situation that I find myself in now, a newbie in the world of cheer bows. You offered to send her some valuable information that is not available through instructions and tutorials but learned through experience. If you still have that information available and are willing to help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance
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