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Originally Posted by Lexi's Mom View Post
I think the keys to success are practice, good ribbon and sewing to lock the creases in place. I bought NBNG and I found it to be a waste of money for me. I just free hand it. I cut a standard size ribbon and wrap around my fingers to size as opposed to wrapping around a template. I also sew them so they don't move from exactly how I want the creases and loops to be. All of the bows are consistent so any one could be sold with another to make a pair. Good luck!
Thank you for your advice everyone.
I've practiced for four years. I sew, crease and do all by hand but I'm always looking to improve. I am self-taught as most and have always made by hand. I just need to find a way to improve the consistency. I am purchasing BBM and we will see.

I'm very open to all tips and tricks. I'm not to excited about the use of a template but I'm going to give it a try

Thanks everyone. So much
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