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Default Chevron Spandex?

Looking for a White Holographic Chevron Metallic Lycra - I bought some of this over 6 months ago. I didn't save my email like I normally do. No packing slip, nothing! I only got one yard, made some bows for the girls and now someone is requesting it.

I bought it online, I was thinking spandex world? spandex house? I've been searching pages all day and can only find people selling this on Etsy or Ebay or one place called CaliFabrics. Other then that, people have just pinned the image in Pinterest. I'm usually very good googling!

I'd rather buy it from the fabric company itself, where I have an account already established.

Any ideas? OR, did Spandex World stop carrying it? I think I've been though every page on their site.

Here is what it looks like from a place called CaliFabrics. They of course are out of stock.

Am I crazy thinking I got this at Spandex house or Spandex world?
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