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Default Re: When you sat down to make your very first bow...

I think I could write a book about the things I would have done different....... not that I am rolling in the money now, but I do make enough to pay for all of my supplies, booth fees & still make a little bit of extra money. It is mostly a money making hobby for me. The first thing I would have done different is actually learned to make descent looking bows before I went off & wasted money on ribbon to make bows that I thought looked good. I would have started off with a pinwheel, perfected it & then move one to another style, perfect it & so on. Also I would not have went out & bought all different types of ribbon & supplies. All you really need is a lighter to seal your ends, a measure tape, scissors, needle & thread, a glue gun, alli clips, homemade templates, a couple of rolls of 3/8", 7/8" & 1.5" ribbon to start off with. I even wasted a ton a ribbon just practicing, after I realized I was wasting so much ribbon I started using the same pieces over & over..... even though they looked like something that came out of a dumpster, but hey they where just to practice with. Search youtube for tutorials, there are some great ones on there. I had notebook that I would write down everything in, like ribbon lengths, youtube videos to go back to for help, etc. Do not think that you are going to go out & spend a couple of hundred dollars on supplies & start a little business, I promise you will be disappointed, but also do not give up... just take baby steps!!!! !I have been doing this for maybe 5 years & just in the last 2 years I actually started making real profit. Most importantly practice, practice, practice!!!!
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