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Default Re: Cheer Bows Made with Vinyl and Rhinestone Mesh

For some of the rhinestone looks I've been getting requests for, I've found out that people are actually applying rhinestones to the bow ribbon or lycra/spandex itself with a press and template, not actually rhinestone mesh - before assembling the bow. That is, if you are talking about the bows that look like they are polka dotted all over in beautiful rhinestones. That's usually the requests I'm getting now.

I don't have anyway to make a template for rhinestones or anything hot enough other then my iron to do these kinds of presses, but I do love the look!

From what I understand, the silhouette cameo can cut out a rhinestone template, and you can get rhinestones to brush on from The Rhinestone World (they have amazing how to videos on youtube) then you'd need something to press them on to the bow itself. I'm hoping to get a cheap press on day myself.

keeping up with this bow stuff is crazy at times! It's fun though
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