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Default Best way to Seal Bottle Cap Images & Newbie Questions about Bottle Caps

Okay so I posted already before about the bottle cap centers. But I started researching more, watching YouTube videos, etc. Because I am trying to sell bows, I need something that really works, that won't turn yellow later on like I've heard they done, etc. So I have heard/watched of just using Modge Podge, just using ET Lite, using Modge Podge and ET Lite together somehow, Epoxy Stickers, etc. I was wondering what do you guys consider best?

Also I was wondering what are the best places/sites to get bottle caps, etc. I am limited on a budget, which is why I am selling bows to at least make some money, and I really want my bows to be good. I think bottle cap centers will help get more sales since I'm not doing that great.

Any comments are appreciated
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