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Default What's the best way to make BottleCap centers

Okay so I am completely knew to this. I have been making bows and I have been wanting to put center pieces in them and one of them has been bottlecaps. I bought some but I think it would be so much better to just make my own. I get you need the image, circle punch, glue and bottlecap, after that I'm clueless. I hear about epoxy dots, modge podge, et lite, etc. I have no clue about anything but the epoxy dots, but I've seen the finish products from resin I think they are called and they are really pretty and I hear are a lot better. So I was wondering if anyone is able to like help me, give me instructions or something about how to make them what exactly to do. Sorry if it's too much. I've read other forums but I feel like they don't really explain it much to me. I'm a newbie to the extreme.
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