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Default Re: Missing deadlines

As a rule of thumb I always allow a week for shipping when I take an order, even though I only ship UPS/USPS Priority mail. Luckily I have never had an issue with a deadline. If I know that I am cutting it short with time I tell the customer that I can guarantee the date that I will ship it, but cannot guarantee what happens once the bows leave my hands & that is their choice of taking the risk.

Knowing that the order was placed weeks in advance & you were relying on overnight delivery I would offer a minimum of 25% off plus a refund of her shipping costs. Honestly I would probably offer 50% off just to try to ensure a return customer & also to hope she wouldn't bad mouth me to other teams/coaches. She was left without bows and had to either scramble to make something quickly or go without & I'm sure deal with very unhappy cheer moms from her team.

Good Luck!
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