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Default Re: Missing deadlines

This is a tough one! Since they are keeping the bows, I will offer a % refund, maybe 25%. And believe you me, I just recently had a similar issue with the posts office and a packet I was expecting which finally showed up 4 days after it was guranteed to be delivered. Fortunately for me, I was able to get the items locally and was able to deliver them on time to my client.
Your issue is that they ordered a few weeks in advance and you guranteed delivery on time. I usually make sure that I have more than enough time especially if I have to use the mail. If it is local and I am behind, I have the option to make the delivery myself.
None-the-less, you are put in a position where you can give back a percentage or face the possibility of loosing a customer. If at all possible I would try to set up a face-to-face with the customer and explain what happened and hopefully, the may understand, a refund is always a good way of making them understand and will make them come back again, otherwise you will more than likely loose them as a client. You have to decide if a percentage back or not, is worth the loss of a client.....Good luck
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