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Default Missing deadlines

Have any of you ever missed a deadline, and how did you handle it? As in a team having to perform without their bows one time. I know we all do our best so this never happens, but sometimes things come up and just wondering if this has happened to anyone else. I had a team order their bows a couple weeks earlier, and I shipped them USPS express (overnight delivery) on Thursday to arrive the Friday before the competition. Express mail is a guaranteed service and they said it was guaranteed Friday delivery. I even took it into the post office and paid through the clerk to make sure it went into the system properly. It ended up not getting there on time. When it didn't get there on Friday, I was hoping it would at least make it there on Saturday. But nope not until the next week. Now I have a very upset customer (I am equally upset and disappointed), and all I can get from the post office is my money back for the postage I paid. The customer is asking for a half or full refund from me since I didn't deliver on time. I will not be giving her a full refund because she is keeping the bows. But is she right for requesting a refund? I know I could've shipped the bows earlier, but I did send them so that they were supposed to be guaranteed delivery when she needed them, so I do also blame the post office for not following through on their end.
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