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Originally Posted by Momto3 View Post
Cheerstones, This has been gnawing at me. How is it unethical to get ideas from other people and copy them? People post on here all the time on "how do you tie this bow?" etc. How is this any different?
I did not mean to be offensive, that is way I still answered your question as best as I could. However, this is very different that asking how do tie a bow, or what glue to use or any general "how to question" but this question to me is about copying someone elses design. I do understand that things become popular and new styles come up all the time, but it would be nice to respect the designers design and give them some time before starting to copy their work. I have no issues sharing technique, but i think designs are different......Not saying that I have not seen something someone else had done and admired it and even worndered how it was done, but I will figure it out on my own or not do it. Now if this same idea has become more common, then I have no issues with asking how it is done......Sorry if I offended you.
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