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Default Re: Key Fob Makers - sharing a few tips

Originally Posted by alyxia View Post

I've been going a little key fob crazy the last few days, and learned a few things:

1) Invisible/monofilament thread is the best!! You don't have to switch out thread with each color, and "minute variations" in the stitching doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. Colored thread is prettier, but not worth the hassle.

2) Use Denim/Jeans needle. I've tried a regular needle, and it ALWAYS breaks my thread, or doesn't pick up the bobbin thread.

3) Use 5/8 Heat n Bond, not 7/8. Not all ribbons are created equal, and I don't know how many times I had to cut a sliver off my heat and bond before "bonding". Even using it on true 7/8 ribbon is a tight fit.

4) To save a little bit, you can cut your Heat n Bond to 9" instead of 10", but center it on the back of your ribbon. Part of the ribbon is concealed in the hardware, so 1/2" on each side will be clamped and not seen.

5) If your heat n' bond is hanging over the side edge of your ribbon, carefully cut off the excess BEFORE you peel off the paper. Careful not to cut off the finished edge of the ribbon. If you leave it on, it WILL show up on the right side of your key fob.

6) Oh, and I've used lots of different ribbon from 3 places...HG, RH, and ohmyribbonsandbows (Cdn sister site of RABOM), and if you want to know which ones melt and which ones don't, please PM me I've tried flipping over the webbing with the ribbon on the bottom, as someone suggested, but it doesn't work, so I'm just staying away from melting ribbon

7) If you mess up while clamping the hardware, you CAN take it off. If you clamp your pliers on the "square" part, and gently bend your webbing, forming a semi-circle with your webbing and your pliers, it will slightly pull open one side of the hardware, just enough so that you can pull it out.

Hope that helps someone
amy- what kind of webbing do you use? i have polypropylene and i worry that it is going to tear out of the key fob hardware. do you have suggestions for that? thanks!
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