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I use zip ties as well....but I am saying this with extreme caution! the "knot" on the zip tie must be placed correctly so as not to cause potential harm to the wearer of the bow. I find that many people use them without giving a thought as to the placement of the know. If you are using them on cheer bows, please keep in mind that these girls get hit in/on their head when stunting/being is a part of the sport....none-the-less, if the "knot" in placed towards the botton/center of the bow it can litterally puncture the wearer in the head causing injury if the get struck on the if you are using zip ties on your bows, please make sure the "knot" is towards the top! Place you elastic band/pony-O directly under the know so as to make it less of a blunt/sharp object that can cause injury.......Good luck
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