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Default Re: Share your Cheer Bows Here! Show your Spirit!

Originally Posted by attagirl View Post
Color match question: Varsity has a new color this year: Columbia Blue. Has anyone matched this yet or- even better- have a supplier for the columbia blue mysti dot, or is anyone sitting on about 6 yards of the stuff and wants to destash? If so, could you PM me???

Thanks in advance for your time, and sorry if I've posted to the wrong thread.

I can only seem to match it perfectly with grosgrain ribbon I haven't found a good mystic yet. One of our schools is columbia blue and black, so I have done their bows with the blue grosgrain, but done the black parts in mystic or some silver in mystic or glitter. It's hard to match!
I even cut a piece out of my daughters uniform, from the inside hem just to have with me to take places to match it!
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