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Wow I am completely disgusted by how rude you sound. I understand that you might not have made a tutu that is SO LARGE but my goodness, you can ask that question without the OBVIOUS tone you have for being so annoyed. You almost seem disgusted. To question where this girl would even wear this or why she would want it, it's disgusting. It's none of your business. I really hope she saw your posting here, calling her out and decided to buy a tutu from someone who has respect for their clients. Sadly this disgusting chubby girl shaming post popped up when I googled "plus size tutu tutorial" for my self. Since I'm sure you are SO curious why my big butt wants a tutu, it's for a Halloween costume. I can guarantee it won't take me 300 yards of fabric nor will it cost me $75. Please tell your husband to no longer take calls from gigantic 50 inch waisted big girls because you only service the skinny population. Now excuse me while my fatty self goes and makes a tutu.
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