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Default Re: New here...Help needed - goods coming apart

Originally Posted by ohmygoodness View Post
I've had a customer tell me that the headband she purchased has come apart - the band itself fell apart.

The headband is a flower glued to a skinny elastic, secured with a glued on felt circle.

Am I right in thnking that the glue came undone? Is this normal? Should I be looking into a new glue gun? Any other suggestions?

When I make skinny elastic headbands, I actually sew the headband ends together first...nothing fancy, just about 3 or 4 hand stitches back and forth. Then I sandwich the elastic between 2 felt circles, one of which is glued to the back of the flower. I actually use "sticky felt" from Bitsy Bands. Costs a little more (0.15 each), but I like that extra stickiness.

I first put some glue in the middle of one sticky circle. Stick that to the back of the flower. Then I lay the sewn elastic ends on that felt circle (non sticky side), and put my glue all over the elastic and the felt circle, careful not to get too close to the edge. Then I peel off the other sticky circle, and put it on lightly. Quickly, I press down on the edges of the sticky circle first, then I press a little harder in the middle. This way, it sticks the edges first, and the glue doesn't ooze out, because I've already kinda "sealed" the edges.

As long as you're using a high temp glue gun, you should be fine most of the time.

If you pull anything hard enough, the dried hot glue will likely give way. I've pulled buttons off the center of my flowers before, but I had to pull REALLY hard Sometimes, I can't even pull it off
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