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Default Re: Share your Cheer Bows Here! Show your Spirit!

Originally Posted by Michiibelle View Post
The rhinestone shirt is really impressive! Do you check out The Rhinestone World on you tube? I watch videos there all the time and just watched one on how to do the 2 color type thing.. Holy Cow! I wish I could have all the stuff required to do it all! I'm always dumbfounded how easy they make it look.

Yours looks amazing - I don't think I'd change a thing.
thank you. I too started out making my own transfers and did that for about two years until recently I invested in a DECOR automatic rhinestoning machine. So now I have both. I still use my templates to do one or two of the same thing. If I have more than that, then I use the automatic machine......I love it. Also for vending at the cheerleading competitions, the templates are great because I make the shirts right there at the competitions.....It really is as easy as they make it seem, but starting out you have to have patience until you get used to doing it.....
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