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Default Re: Instructions for this flower

Originally Posted by Karebear11 View Post
I know its a Kanzashi Flower but I can't find any instructions on how to make them using 1.5 ribbon (which is what the seller says they use) and how to have the open center. Can anyone help?
Size to use is pretty simple. If you want to use 1.5 width ribbon, then cut it 1.5 length. You need a square to start with. I would suggest a 3" square to practice with. When folding the square into triangles, squeeze the corners a bit to crease them. BUT DO NOT crease the fold, you need the roundness when you're done folding, no crease marks.

Don't have pix but you take a square, put it down in front of you so you can follow the rest of instructions....
Take left top corner and fold down to the right bottom corner..
[you've made a triangle]
Take right top corner and fold down to the left bottom corner..
[you've made a smaller triangle]
Take the two bottom corners and fold together.
[you've made an even smaller triangle]
Accuracy in folding is key....
You can glue the folded tip to hold it together; or a couple of sewing stitches will work, too.

Either squeeze the bottom raw edges together to close the hole, or tap the very top of the triangle to open up the hole......your choice.
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