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Default Re: bonding question

I have never used it but I have seen bows made with it and the glue does show through the back of the bow expecially on the lighter colors like white, pink, light blue, etc. While I love their bow designs and I respect Nancy for building up such a great company, I think things got very busy and this was a time saving factor.....It is considerably faster than spending the time to iron on the wornder under then cut the press.....etc....
But I am a perfectionist and have not tried it because I really do not like the glue showing through the back, however, I do not recall anyone complaining. So I don't think it will cause any harm to you business if you decided to give it a shot. Who knows, maybe some day I will be too busy to keep up with all the ironing. Also, with so many people making bows now, the prices are dropping. I see many fabric covered bows selling for $10 or less.....and while this covers cost, it does not cover the time it takes to put everything together. So now you also have to think about your P&L and make that personal decision.
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