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Default Re: Helpppp!!! Ideas!!! Hurry!! Pleaseeeee!!

AWESOME BETHANY!! I love your website! Ill send you a message and give you some of my ideas I've got in mind. Some of the best things I've accomplished are with others so I'm excited for you insight! I would be happy to add some sparkle to your life via something i make with crystals on it to show my gratitude so we can talk about that as well!

I love the video DKBOWS!! I use a digital cutter for vinyl only so maybe I can look on etsy for circles cut already so I don't have to get a sizzix just for this! My wheels are already spinning to personalize them a bit and make them fashion/makeup industry related! I'm totally stuck on Tiffany blue, hot pink, black and sparkles at the moment and its so fitting. I make headbands now but I make all the flowers by Hand and some take forever just to do one so this seems pretty easy.

Here's the news story just so you can see... They don't say murder on the newscast... But..anyone with common sense can see Something isn't right here. [... Ok it won't let me. I googled Sarah brucker death Milwaukee and a link will pop up
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