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Originally Posted by Twinklestars View Post
Do you pay attention when you are placing them so that the glued together part is under the center wrap?

Do you use colored pony-os that don't match your bows?

I hot glue my pony-os to my bows and always make sure that the glued part of the pony-o is the part I glue down.

I always thought that black was the only appropriate color unless possibly white for an all white bow.

My daughter's cheer captain's mom made a few new bows and I am less than impressed. They go for quantity above quality.
Absolutely! I always glue the joint of the ponyO down; just incase it breaks this should help hold it together longer.
No I do not match the color of my ponyO to the color of the bow.....I always use black; even on white bows. Black blends verywell with most hair colors and as it is wrapped around the hair and it is not possible to match hair colors, black is best.
There will alway be some, if not many that will go for quantity over quality.
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