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Default Re: For all you newbies on here....

I think there is Sr. Member next to my name, but I still consider myself an newbie as I have been here only a few months. I have ask some questions in the past for which I have never received any answers and I do find that the older members have their own clique. If an older member ask a question, there will be 10 answers in minutes; when a newbie ask a question, very rarely if at all an older member will respond.
I have and will continue to answer any question that I know the answer to to anyone that is who I am. If I don't answer, someone else will......nothing that we do here is magic and sometimes someone stumbles into something that works, why not share it.......We all do not know everything, no matter our experience, and will need assistance at one point or lets just help each other out....
In the end it only makes our profession looks good. At the end of the day, many schools/gyms will have a team mom make the bow and sometime they are the most horrible looking things. When on lookers sees this, they do not form an impression of the individual that made them, but on all bow makers, especially the small start up individuals like most of us on here. So If we help those individually to make more professional looking bows, we are helping ourselves as small bow companies.
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