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Default Re: question ladies!!!!!

Originally Posted by gmcks2001 View Post
There is an inch or so of selvage on each side of the fabric. That will reduce your cut area down to 58". If you are working with a pattern, it is best to cut all going to same way or some of your bows may look funky.

I normally get 17 bows if I cut my fabric parallel to the selvage. If I cut the other way, not as many if I have to cut all the same direction.


If you cut vertical to the selfedge (up/down) and you have one yard (36") that will give you 12 strips in 58" (not including the selfedge) of which each will give two strips 3" x 29" you will have at least 24 bows......that is if your width of fabric is 58-60" if it is less like some speciality fabrics (some sequins) or lace which range from 32-45" then you will get about 17
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