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Default Re: Share your Cheer Bows Here! Show your Spirit!

Originally Posted by putabowonit611 View Post
Hi everyone, new here! I've been making cheer bows for the last few months, mostly with spandex and sequins. I have a silhouette cameo and have been loving doing words and images as well. The next step I want to take is to make the "swish" pattern bows, with the curves cut out of mystique. I have no idea how this is done. Can anyone help? I'd also appreciate any tips on doing rhinestones with the silhouette. Thanks in advance for your help!
It is much easier than you think....basically take your ribbon and fold it in 4....first in half, then 1/2 again you will have the center and the two ends ligned up. cut from the folded end bottom in a 1/4 circle to the opposite side top....I hope I am making sense....but when you unfold it you will have a bra shape ...wish I could post a upside down B without the back it onto your ribbon or fabric and fold your bow normally and you will have your wave....
Hope this is helpful.
PM or call me if you need any assistance with it.
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