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Default Re: For all you newbies on here.... said exactly how I've been feeling. I'm finding that alot of "old timers" have really nice nasty ways of saying things. If you don't wanna help just don't freaking help. I do plenty of searching and research that's how I got into bow making (and found this forum) in the first place. Sometimes reading this forum can really tick me off. I'm trying dang it and if I have a question I'm gonna ask. Yall just keep not answering like most of you do anyways. The "newbies" will get it sooner than later!

Originally Posted by jhambrick View Post
So sorry that you think that asking for help is considered disrespectful to the old timers. I was once new and loved the assistance that others have offered. Just because someone ask for help or assistance doesn't mean that they have not searched. I was under the impression that was what a forum was for....assist. I was very grateful to the old timers that have been so kind to share their wisdom and knowledge with us.
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