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Default Re: help with bling pacifier

I've made these beautiful accessories for many years. The CPSC states that there are NO INCIDENCES of harm to anyone. Yes, Swarovski gems have a TINY bit of lead, but it is contained in the gem. If a TINY millimeter sized gem is chewed off and swallowed by accident, it will pass through the system and NOT be ingested anyway, so no harm done. Even the tiniest of preemies could not choke on a millimeter sized object. I use non-toxic craft glue, then scrub the decorated paci with a tooth brush and warm soapy water before shipping. This ensures that there are no lose gems and that the excess glue is all scrubbed away. There are no residual odors when this is done. I sanitize the nipple with rubbing alcohol so ensure it's as clean as can be when I ship. I have 5 kids and have taken in 24 foster babies over the years and I've never had any problems with these pacifiers. None of my kids ever needed therapy or had neurological issues of any kind, so I don't believe the hype. I think Dara (one of the original crafters that the recall focused on) sassed the wrong customer and she got reported as revenge for her very nasty attitude. 99% of her feedback left to others is negative and mean. There is no other researched reason for this recall. Unfortunately, Dara ruined things for all the rest of us who make a living by selling baby bling.
I would not use things on my own children that I felt was a danger to others and my state foster care has very rigid requirements for caring for babies. Iíve always passed every test with flying colors and they know I use bling pacifiers for the babies. They approve their use! With supervision, there won't be any problems. Sure I've heard of customers who had older kids with teeth that chewed on the wrong side of the pacifier, causing some gems to be chewed off. Teeth are like chizzles and can do damage! Also, if there is a big fall onto a hard surface with the pacifier, that can knock gems off as well. With anything, common sense and supervision are always required, but I recommend these items for all bling lovers!
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