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Default Re: How to print on grosgrain ribbon

Originally Posted by Jacquard View Post
Hi Everyone! A customer of ours pointed out this forum to me, and suggested that I share our iprint ribbon. (no special machine neccessary!)

The company I work for (Jacquard Products) now makes a printable ribbon that you can run directly through your inkjet printer. It has a horizontal orientation, and you cut any length up to 44" long.

Its really new, so currently it is only available via Dharma Trading.

Once you have the ribbon, you use the product website to make your designs: [iprint ribbon dot com]

I hope this helps! If anyone has any questions, you are welcome to email me directly - Charl[email protected], or post here on the forum. I've got it bookmarked now!


I saw this online but the only thing for me is it seems to not be offered with grosgrain ribbon and that is what a lot of people use when making bows. I must be using the wrong kind of transfer paper, mine look like crap! I'm just about to give up with personalization.
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