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Default Re: Cheer Bow Income

I have been losing money lately

Two schools and ONE gym went with cheap-o bows this year from Omni cheer. I was hurt, especially since its my daughters senior year for the one school the parents pushed for cheaper bows (I was only charging $10 for customs, rhinestones, glitter and all)

It could be the area I live in though?

I was making about $800 per gym @ $10 a bow (the gyms had ordered 80 bows) and I usually get about $290 or $300 from a school if I do about 30 competition cheer bows or a football squad.

The problem with the bows is that it's seasonal. I get good business around this time of year - Start up of football season and competition season, then it dwindles, then I get a small increase around basketball season, then nothing unless somebody is going to worlds.

A few schools have even stopped getting camp bows, and bows for parades. I just don't get it. I hate the $5.00 Omnicheer bows! They just look so... so... UGH!
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