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Default Re: bulk and cut size

Originally Posted by trg2577 View Post
Hey girls....hope everyone is staying cool...super hot here ok kind of silly question....i have a large order of bows for a pop warner team...close to 175 bows... i need to buy the white grosgrain in bulk so i can sace some money...any needs to he 3 inch...i usually cut my lenght at approx 28 and go from u think i can go a lotrle smaller to get more use of the ribbon????? Thanks
Oh yeah i prefer my ribbbon to be stiffer.......and has anyone heard or ourchased from ribbon smart?
I have purchased ribbon from RABOM (20% off thru today), (super fast shipping), and also (100 yds 3" about $57). Either way, all are comparable. Shipping is usually about $10. If you can get free ship through Amazon, it may be beneficial to go that route.

Most ribbon you purchase from any of these sites will be Schiff or Offray. I don't think it really matters which one. They're both about the same.

I cut my ribbon length to 30" for most bows I make unless for a younger team. Younger girls (8 and under), I cut my ribbon at 28".

Good luck and congrats on the order!

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