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I live in England, UK so am very limited as to what I can purchase here. My daughter is 6 and has just joined a Cheer Squad (so I am a newbie Cheer Mum) here and Ive been asked to make their team bows - 100 in total! I am quite a hands on crafty queen however, I have never made a Cheer Bow before and really haven't got a clue what I am doing so have been searching the www for ideas and tutorials.

Anyway, I was watching a tutorial on YT on how to make Cheer Bows and found a lady was using a reel of said 'Glitter Ribbon'. I slowed the video down to where it shows the ribbon reel and it that states very clearly on the cover that it is distributed by Michaels! It is a 7/8 inch ribbon, is 100% Polyester and is black and VERY glittery and most definitely, 100% a reel of ribbon!

I so wish we could purchase things like this, this side of the Atlantic. Im having trouble even trying to find Heat n Bond!

But anyways, I hope this at least helps someone who may still be looking for said Glitter Ribbon and if anyone does find it in Michaels, or any where else, please leave a message stating how much it is etc......I am intrigued

Johanna xx
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