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Default Re: Help. Please how to Make this Tutu? clip

Originally Posted by altigger74 View Post
try using longer strips. Place the teal layer ontop of the black layer. Cut the tulle into 2x12 strips. The best thing to do is try it if its too much then cut it down to 2x11 strips and so on. I preffer to use a strip 2" wide because you can trim it down if needed

so you are saying to use a 2 inch by 12 inch.... and I am assuming you mean to then do up a whole bunch and sew then in half.. kinda like a bow..?
I found these instructions and im trying to go based off this except do it full

I think 12 inches is going to be way too big.. however when I follow the instructions I find that it looks a bit better but... these instructions say to use 6 strips, (way to thin for me, doesn't look like the other picture) so I used 12, then did another set of 12... but for whatever reason the colors blend too much and don't stick out like the ones in the picture. when I try more than 1 strip of color together.. say 3 of each color it looks better but still to thin.. maybe im using the wrong kind of Tulle? or maybe im just being really picky...? I just thought there might be someone who could explain the whole process from beginning to end on how to make the Tulle base... the spikes on top and all I can figure out but the Tulle is just not turning out right for me..
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