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Default Help. Please how to Make this Tutu? clip

First I want to say im sorry if I am posting this wrong somehow.. I have never started a thread. I usually try to find how to make things by searching a lot. however this is got me baffled. I have tried and tried and tried. it just doesn't turn out right. and the only person I know who does make it is on my FB page and she will not help me. if anyone could help me that would be wonderful. as soon as I saw this other gals I had soooo many ideas, holiday styles color combos run through my head but im unable to make it. this is the only other one that I have found. I hope its ok to post the link.... cus I have no other way to let you see what im talking about.

when I do make mine, they turn out too poofy and not full enough.. ive tried several lengths, sewing, wrapping... I just don't know what im doing wrong :P any help would...well help
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