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Talking Newbie at making Cheer Bows...

My daughter's team recently merged with another cheer company and there are moms scrambling for new bows to match the new colors. 2 of the "Bow-selling Moms" left, so I had to make my daughter a bow for an event today where they are wearing their new colors. Made my first bow yesterday using a Youtube instructional video. Got a giant blister on my thumb from the hot glue gun but hey, my daughter was thrilled and completely surprised! She couldn't believe I didn't buy it at the store, so I'm happy.

However... I've managed to get Bow Fever... Went ahead and made 4 more using all of the grosgrain ribbon I bought. They aren't professional or perfect by any means, but I would like to start learning how to make them better. I did some research in this forum and online and there are some great tutorials I plan to go through, but I do have a few questions.

What is the best fabric for cheer bows? The grosgrain worked well yesterday for non-competition bows.

Where is the best place to buy quality bow making materials CHEAP?

What is the average price you sell your non-competition bows for?

What do you sell your Competition bows for?

Thank you SO much for your input!
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