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Default Newbie Bottle Cap Question

I make and sell bottle cap images for about a year now. Well now I want to expand my little shop and make finished products with them. I have been searching the forums here and the net for all kinds of info. My head feels like it's

I am thinking of going to Staples to get my images printed. I think that's the only office supply store we have near me. None of my images are Licensed Characters, Teams etc so I will be safe there.

What type of paper or photo paper should I get them printed on?

What type of supplies would I need to just get started? I do have bottle caps and epoxy stickers (which I heard aren't very great.) I know I need a 1 inch punch. What else would you recommend?

I am just going to concentrate on making the finished bottle caps right now and experiment with different glazes and such to see what works for me. But I'm just not sure what everything is

Also do you have any good tutorials that could help me?

I'm sorry for all the questions. Like I said my head is swimming from everything I'm reading and I thought I would get your opinions.

Oh and if you have any tips to share with me too that would be great!
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