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Default Re: Perfect size bow for girls

Originally Posted by KimberlyH View Post
I actually don't know the person who asked.LOL My sister-in-law works at a school and she took a basket of bows to sell in the teacher's break room. One of the teachers asked her if I could make larger bows for a girl in 2nd or 3rd grade. I've made 6" bows before but they are HUGE. I may try to make up a few in my most popular colors and send those with her next time along with my normal bows. She did sell 13 bows just by setting them in the break room with my business cards and an envelope for their money. Not too bad. I told her I would have to add her to my payroll!

Not to Shabby! I have a cousin that takes a basket of goodies into work about once every 2 weeks, and we usually do pretty well!

To me 6" is way big, but to each there own. I would have SIL ask what size she is after, so there isn't any guessing and your not wasting time and energy trying to figure it out.

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